We often refer to the fact that training as a heating or plumbing engineer sets you up for life, providing a rewarding career that you can adapted further down the line to take you in a new direction. Once you’ve got a bit of experience behind you, one option is to become a trainer.

Recently, we caught up with two of our gas trainers at Logic4training’s centre in Northolt, to find out more.

Experience is everything

Matt Geeves has been with us a number of years. Formerly a combustion engineer and builder, Matt began his career as a trainer in 2006 working as a ventilation lecturer at Newham College in east London. In 2008 he moved west, to Acton College, where he taught plumbing before joining us as a trainer and assessor in 2010.

Jerry Peck joined us almost four years ago and completed his teaching and assessor qualifications with us. Jerry is a Gas Safe registered engineer with twenty-five years’ experience in the engineering sector. Prior to joining us, he ran his own heating business in Harrow for 15 years.

In fact, that’s how we met Jerry. He came to us to sit for his five-year gas re-assessment and showed great potential, so we asked him to join us as a trainer. He’s been doing really well and has recently gained his IQA qualification.

Making the change

Matt began his working life as a combustion engineer and builder, but following an accident in 2004 where he damaged his back quite seriously, he needed to find something that interested him, that would enable him to use his skills, but put fewer physical demands on his body.  Training was the ideal solution.

Matt loved his previous work and at first found it hard to make the change, but to us, his enthusiasm and commitment to the trade make him a really valuable member of the team. We look for trainers that have had experience in the field and are keen to pass on their knowledge and passion. Matt explains:

“I think of myself as an engineer who teaches rather than just simply a teacher, people respond to this approach rather well I think.  As far as teaching goes, I’d probably say that my calm and tranquil persona is my best attribute.”

It’s satisfying work

Both men get a lot out of sharing their knowledge and experience with the learners at Northolt. Jerry, who’d preciously enjoyed training apprentices at his own company finds it very gratifying to help others learn:

“It’s really rewarding to see a student come through the ranks and become a qualified gas engineer. I get great satisfaction from knowing I have helped create this. For me, the role of trainer ticked all my boxes. I will always go overboard helping a student who wants to learn.

Matt too, shares Jerry’s commitment:

“It’s great to see the students ‘get it’; it’s a nice feeling. It’s really good when you can see that they trust you – and are willing to listen. Training’s a great career. I enjoy being part of a team and also, let’s face it, I like not having to chase people for money anymore!”

If you’re interested in following Matt and Jerry in becoming a trainer, please get in touch and we can discuss how we can make this happen. We’d love to hear from you.

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