During the summer months, work can tail off slightly for many gas installers.  Most customers have turned their heating off for the year and they probably won’t think about it with any urgency until the cold weather returns.   However, there are lots of things that customers can do now to ensure their heating systems are ready to go when winter hits.   Additionally, you can use this time to get your business affairs in order and update your training so that, come heating season, you’re organised, prepared and ready to go.  

Customer communication 

  Get in touch with your customers, telling them about the services you offer, the benefits of getting maintenance done sooner rather than later and what you can do to help prepare their heating system to run efficiently this winter.   Provide value.  You could consider offering them a discount on getting their boiler servicing done in July and August, or maybe make up some flyers with winter checklists or free advice.  Some ideas include:  
  • how they can save on heating bills this winter
  • whether there are any grants or schemes that they could take advantage of, local or national
  • Boiler Plus explained
  • any relevant industry news
  Use a combination of flyers, emails and social media channels to get your message out there.  Just remember, keep the text short and snappy to maximise engagement.  

Brush up on business

  Admin is a big part of your business success, but one that often gets continually put to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list.  If you have some spare time, assign it to admin and start ticking some things off your list.  You could think about:  
  • Your plan for the year ahead. Download our free Future-Proof Installer Guide to find out about what’s happening in the industry, now and in the future.
  • Updating your website
  • Your social media
  • Advertising
  • Reviewing your hourly rate
  • Re-organising paperwork and filing systems
  • Filing your tax return
  • Reviewing your insurance

Update your training

  Are you planning on progressing your business over the next year?  If so, you need to make sure you have the relevant skills, training and qualifications for the job.   Are supervising a gas engineer or working on private or social residential properties?  Review your Gas Safety Awareness training   Hoping to move into commercial work?  We offer Commercial Gas Safety changeover packages as well as specialist courses in commercial catering, commercial laundry and LPG.  Also, download our free Ultimate Guide to Careers in the Commercial Gas Sector.   Is your ACS up to date?  Make sure you are properly qualified and trained for the relevant appliances.  View our gas training courses for more information.   We also provide New Entrants Gas Safety courses, offering gas installer training to candidates with little or no experience, or those with experience in related trades.
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