The launch of the re-developed Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) has been delayed, according to an open letter to installers from CEO Ian Rippin.

When will the new MCS be launched?

Initially expected in summer 2024, the new scheme is now scheduled to start in January 2025. The decision to delay has been taken due to the extensive scope of the changes being made and a commitment to ensuring a high standard of delivery.


Mark Krull from Logic4training says:

“It is disappointing to hear that the launch has been put back, but we recognise the importance of getting it right. It is critical for the industry to move to a more responsive and flexible low carbon competence scheme that recognises the differences in our industry and supports every player – from sole traders and SMEs to large organisations – to deliver good quality installations to customers. We hope that January 2025 is a firm deliver date and will welcome the changes when they come.”


What progress has been made?

Last summer, MCS launched a comprehensive consultation on changes to be made, which included a significant response from installers. Since then, MCS has been working to integrate feedback into a redeveloped and enhanced scheme, which includes:

  • Improved consumer protection
  • Driving up of industry standards
  • A more accessible and fairer certification process that reduces the paperwork burden on installers.


What will change for installers?

Installers will see several changes when the new scheme comes into force next year, including:

  • Less paperwork – Emphasis will shift to evidence of quality installations, reducing the focus on administrative tasks.
  • Risk-based assessments – the frequency of assessments will depend on a Quality Risk Model, which rewards simple operations that are of a consistent high-quality with fewer assessments.
  • Standardised assessments – the new scheme will introduce a new Technical Supervisor role to ensure clarity and accountability.
  • Centralised complaints procedure – a single point of contact for customer complaints will enhance transparency and consumer protection, while ensuring more productive communication between installer, MCS and customer.
  • Direct relationship – Installers will have a more direct relationship with MCS for better support.
  • Optional membership of a consumer code: Membership will no longer be mandatory, offering greater flexibility.

What are the next steps for installers?

Installers are advised to continue following the current scheme requirements while MCS focuses on finalising the details of the new scheme in collaboration with certification bodies. This includes maintaining membership with a consumer code until advised otherwise.


Got questions for MCS?

MCS will be presenting an update on the new scheme at the InstallerShow in Birmingham on Tuesday 25th June 2024. Installers will get the opportunity to engage directly with MCS officials, or alternatively, you can contact MCS on 0333 103 8130 or via email at [email protected]


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