18th edition courses are essential training for electricians, as well as related trades (gas and heating engineers, kitchen fitters and plumbers) who wire in electrical appliances, for example, showers or cookers.

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the 18th Edition and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

What is the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations?

The IET Wiring Regulations, 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018 – Requirements for electrical installations) is one of the most important documents for UK electricians.

The ‘big blue book’ – essential reading for any electrotechnical engineer – sets out the British Standard for the installation of electrical wiring.

What does IET Wiring Regulations stand for?

IET stands for the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Formed in 2006 following the merging of IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) and the IIE (Institution of Incorporated Engineers), the IET can trace its history back for 150 years.

The 1st Edition of the Wiring Regulations was called “Rules and Regulations for the Prevention of Fire Risks arising from Electric Lighting” and was published in 1882! We’ve come a long way since then – the 18th Edition was published in 2018 and came into force in January 2019.

What are the current IET Wiring Regulations better known as?

Among electricians, the IET Wiring Regulations are commonly referred to as simply ‘the Regs’ but they are also known as 18th Edition, BS 7671, the big blue book (the colour changes with each new edition) or the Wiring Regs.

What do the IET Wiring Regulations cover?

The 18th Edition contains regulations covering the specification, design, installation and inspection, testing and verification of electrical installations in domestic and commercial buildings, including:

  • Part 1 – Scope, Object and Fundamental Principles
  • Part 2 – Definitions
  • Part 3 – Assessment of General Characteristics
  • Part 4 – Protection for Safety
  • Part 5 – Selection and Erection of Equipment
  • Part 6 – Inspection and Testing
  • Part 7 – Special Installations or Locations

The latest editions introduced new guidance about metal consumer units, energy efficiency performance levels, use of surge protection devices (SPDs) and arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

The 18th Edition complies with Part P of the Building Regulations.

Is the IET Wiring Regulations statutory?

The IET Wiring Regs was adopted by the British Standards Institute (BSI) in 1992 (BS 7671) but it is not strictly a ‘legal’ document.

However, BS 7671 is mentioned in several UK statutory instruments, meaning that for practical purposes, it does hold weight within the law. The Wiring Regs must be complied with to ensure electrical work meets the requirements under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Building Regulations.

Do all electricians need 18th Edition training?

All electrotechnical workers in the UK must work to the standards set out in the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations.

Training is highly recommended to ensure a thorough understanding, particularly following release of a new edition, and is required to join a recognised Competent Person Scheme (CPS) and apply for an ECS card. Most companies require 18th Edition training as a pre-requisite to securing work.

Electricians are not expected to memorise the big blue book, but they should be familiar with key regulations and should always carry a copy with them.

Logic4training delivers the City & Guilds 18th Edition Wiring Regulations (2382-22) course.

Who is the 18th Edition electrical course for?

18th Edition training is essential for electricians and those working in the electrotechnical sector.

It is also useful for other building services tradespeople who complete domestic electrical work as part of their job, for example, wiring a boiler or shower.

Our 18th Edition Wiring Regulations course is designed for electricians as well as gas engineers, kitchen/bathroom fitters, plumbers and builders with some experience of electrical installations.

How much does the 18th Edition course cost?

The standard price of 18th Edition training is £465 + VAT and is available at our training centres across the South-East, in Northolt, Luton, Basildon and Sittingbourne.

Ready to book your 18th Edition course?

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