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What’s Your Next Step as a Building Services Engineer?

 Dec, 10 - 2018   Tips/AdviceContinue Reading

In the extensive field of building services engineering (BSE), the possibilities for career development are endless.   According to our recent research, upskilling to different areas leads to enhanced work satisfaction (+39%), a larger customer base and, above all, an increased hourly rate.   If you have come to a...

Tip #6: Would Domestic Electrical Skills add Value to your Business? Our Advice on Upskilling your Gas or Plumbing Business

 Dec, 06 - 2018   Tips/AdviceContinue Reading

Some tasks commonly undertaken by gas engineers or plumbers – installing central heating, some gas-fired cookers or electric showers, for example – require more than just ACS qualifications and Gas Safe Registration.   To do the whole job, including wiring in the electrics, engineers either need to call in an...

Gas Metering Engineers route to CCN1

 Nov, 27 - 2018   GasContinue Reading

Gas metering engineers holding certificates for CMA1, CMA3 or L2 Smart Meter Diploma (Gas or Dual Fuel) can now upskill to become a domestic gas heating installer with our Domestic Gas Heating Installer – Experienced trades package. The course includes ACS Scheme qualifications – Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety (CCN1),...

HHIC Fact Sheet helps Prepare for the Big Freeze

 Nov, 19 - 2018   HeatingContinue Reading

So far this autumn, the weather has been mild, but as winter arrives, so will falling temperatures.   The Heating and Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC) has published a new set of guidelines setting out the steps to take when the condensate pipe from a condensing boiler freezes during a...

Installer Guide to Condensate Discharge Pipe Installation

 Nov, 13 - 2018   HeatingContinue Reading

In April 2005 revisions to the Building Regulations came into force, stating that all replacement gas or oil boilers must be a condensing type.   The introduction of condensing boilers has been fundamental in reducing the UK’s carbon emissions.   Extreme UK weather patterns with prolonged sub-zero temperature experienced in...