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Boost energy efficiency this winter with Logic4training’s latest guide

October 24, 2019 featured image

Living in a cold home can negatively impact both mental and physical health, yet its estimated that one-in-nine households in England struggle with fuel poverty.

With winter on the way, we have released the latest in our series of free guides for building services installers, focusing on home energy efficiency improvements that boost living conditions and cut costs.

Heating installers are a trusted source of information and are perfectly placed to educate and empower consumers to take control of their energy usage.  The guide is packed full of tips on how to boost home energy efficiency, from behavioural changes and energy-saving quick wins to more costly installations that pay for themselves over time.

You can download the Energy Efficiency guide for FREE here

Mark Krull, Director at Logic4training, said: “It’s hard to believe that in 21st century Britain, with all the knowledge and technology that we have access to, our housing stock is still some of the least energy efficient in Europe.  Making improvements in this area will result in warmer homes that cost less to run, are better for health and have less impact on the environment.

“Heating installers are uniquely positioned to provide valuable and potentially lifesaving advice to homeowners.  In this guide, we’ve put together a host of information, statistics and tips that installers can use to encourage customers to be more energy efficient, while at the same time promoting their services, things like boiler maintenance and heating controls that can improve comfort and reduce energy wastage.”

Key topics:

  • Improving boiler efficiency
  • Heating controls
  • Smart thermostats
  • Preventing heat loss
  • Engaging with energy use
  • Smart meters
  • Habitual changes to reduce energy usage

Logic4training’s free Energy Efficiency guide is the ideal resource for heating installers looking to provide extra value this heating season.

Download our Energy Efficiency guide for free

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