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Employing Someone For The First Time

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Have you reached the point where you need an extra pair of hands to keep on top of your workload?

Getting extra help can be quite a daunting prospect, bringing challenges you won’t have faced before in terms of laws, rights and responsibilities.

We can help!  Employing Staff is just one of the topics covered in our series of business guides which tackle subjects relating to the trades, offering sound, practical advice, for free.

Employing Staff Guide – What’s Covered:

The Law

Employment law is a really complex area.  Our business guide sets out what you need to consider before you decide to employ someone, giving advice as to the alternatives to taking someone onto the books and linking you up some helpful articles written by legal professionals, to give you an idea as to what’s involved.

Basic Steps to Recruitment

The Employing Staff business guide takes you through the basic steps to recruiting someone:

  • How to write a job advert and advertise a position – Who are you looking for and why?
  • Shortlisting and interviewing potential applicants – preparation is the key!
  • Making a job offer – this should always be done in writing.
  • Making the necessary checks – you must view and copy documents of ALL potential employees proving they can legally work in the UK. Also covers pre-employment checks such as health or criminal records checks.
  • Providing a written statement of employment.

Paying Staff and Record Keeping

Deciding how much to pay is a difficult balancing act, as it needs to be affordable to your business.  Your employee will (hopefully!) end up generating business for you in the long-run, however, you need to ensure you have enough cashflow to cover costs.  Our Employing Staff guide will help you decide how much you can afford, as well as guiding you through PAYE and Payroll requirements.

Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities

Employees are subject to certain statutory rights, such as paid holiday, statutory sick pay and to be offered a Workplace Pension Scheme.  You may also decide to offer a more comprehensive benefits package, with additional offers such as vehicle cover, funded training or life insurance; our guide takes you through the options.

Employers are subject to very strict health and safety obligations, particularly relevant to building services work which often involves at least some elements of risk.  Aside from the safety aspect, the Employing Staff guide covers how employers can avoid discrimination and manage their workforce effectively.

Free Business Guides

Coming soon, the Employing Staff guide contains lots of helpful links to websites, templates and legal information.

Simply subscribe for free via this link. You’ll receive our general Starting a Business and Job Costing Guides, which have already been issued, plus Employing Staff and over the next few weeks, guides to Marketing, Social Media, Training and Websites.

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