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Tip #18: Invest in your Workforce – Our Advice on the Importance of Employee Training

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As the old saying goes, you must speculate to accumulate!

And this is never truer than when applied to the growth of a small business.

Hard graft will only get you so far – when you are snowed under with work, you will need extra people power and specific skill sets to scale-up your offering.

Although training always comes at a financial cost initially, it should be viewed as a long-term investment that will more than pay for itself in surprisingly little time.

Why should I offer Staff Training?

Providing quality training and support will ultimately translate into continued business development, happier staff and improved profits.

Upskilling both empowers and motivates employees, creating a loyal workforce with increased capacity, while at the same time promoting a culture of enthusiasm which feeds back into the business.

How will Staff Training benefit my Business?

If you invest in your employees through targeted or bespoke training you can achieve mutually beneficial results, even on a small budget.

  • Increase productivity, morale and motivation
  • Build a loyal workforce who feel invested in your business
  • Inject new skills to your business offering to meet customer demand
  • Open the door to emerging markets, such as renewables (take a look at our Future-Proof Installer Guide to get the low-down on the future of building services)
  • Untap hidden potential in your workforce – do your employees have transferable skills that could be developed to your benefit?
  • Improve quality of work and safety standards

Where do I Start?


Identify your skills gaps.  Do you want to upscale from domestic gas work to the commercial and public sector? Are you a plumber or heating engineer who wants to add domestic electrical skills to their offering?  Or perhaps you need to expand the services you offer to meet customer demand.

Engage with staff and customers.  Existing staff know the ethos of your business and may have ideas about how to move it forward.  Customer feedback will help you to identify skills gaps in your business, which should be seen as an opportunity rather than a weakness.

Maintain an open dialogue.  If employees feel they will be supported in further training, they will be more likely to come forward with suggestions.   

Contact us!  We’ll help you to identify your skills gaps and put together a training programme to help you get the best out of your business.


We offer training programmes designed specifically for new entrants and installers with transferable skills looking to develop.

We also offer bespoke training, tailored to the needs of your business, which can be delivered on-site or at one of our modern, purpose-built training centres.

Want to know more about the benefits of training? Download our Ultimate Guide, here.

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