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Tip #3: Is your Business in Need of an Extra Pair of Hands? Our Advice, Consider taking on Apprentice

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When considering expanding your workforce, it is important to plan and explore the best options for your business.

Making the shift to ‘employer’ is a big commitment but it can give you the extra help you need to succeed.

Be mindful; it also brings new challenges in terms of laws, rights and responsibilities.

Before you take any steps, you should seek professional legal advice, has some articles written by legal experts that will give you a good idea about the legalities of recruiting and working with an employee.

I’m not ready to become an employer, are there any alternatives?

If you are not quite ready to commit to a full-time employee, you could consider employing an Apprentice.

Apprenticeships work by combining on the job training with study, which is a great way to train up stars of the future and create a loyal workforce.

The apprenticeship scheme also provides the opportunity to employ young, enthusiastic talent and train them within the ethos of your business.

What are the financial implications?

Employing an apprentice provides many benefits to small businesses, with some or all of the cost of training paid for by the government.

They are great for businesses with limited cash flow, initially they offer a low cost way of increasing staff members; this happens because their pay will increase in line with their skills and knowledge.

Apprentices are an investment, most will more than pay for themselves within a few years.

If you are interested to know more about how apprenticeships can boost your business, visit the governments website Get In, Go Far.

Other useful apprenticeship links are:

CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) website

Or, for further information on what you should consider when employing staff, download our free business guide.

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