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Tip #20: Customer Service – Our Advice on going the Extra Mile

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However experienced you are and however good you are at your job, in a people-based trade, nothing beats good customer service.

Here’s our checklist to ensure you make the best impression when you’re out and about.

The Basics:

Turn up on time. If you’ve made an appointment to be somewhere at a certain time, do all you can to ensure you’re not late. If you are running behind – and sometimes circumstances make this inevitable – take a couple of minutes to ring your next customer and let them know when you’ll be arriving.

Be polite. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that you’re in someone else’s home – or business premises, so treat everyone with respect. Manners cost nothing!

Be tidy. If you make a mess, tidy up after yourself, properly. No one likes to be left with a mess to clear up after a tradesman’s visit. If you have to borrow any cleaning equipment, return it in a clean and tidy state.

Added Value:

Call to remind them. The Gas Safe Registers recommends an annual service to all gas boilers, to ensure safety and efficiency, so you could be proactive and call up your customers when it’s time to book. Everyone’s busy these days and they’d probably appreciate a gentle reminder.

Take the time to talk to your customer about their heating system. Check whether they’ve been having problems with anything and help sort them out. At this time of year, frozen pipes are common, so highlighting this potential issue and how to prevent it might be welcome information.

Show them how use their thermostats and heating controls properly. You’re in a great position to be able to advise your customer on ways to cut their bills, as well introduce them to the latest controls.

Show them that you know what you’re talking about. The new Boiler Plus legislation has brought in a raft of energy-saving initiatives that you’ll be familiar with, but your customers probably won’t know what they are. If you spend a bit of time talking about energy-saving and the latest energy-efficient appliances – and even renewables –  you’ll make a good impression and, who knows, next time they need their boiler replacing they could well call you up.

Our Future Proof Installer guide will help you keep up to speed with the latest developments in our industry.

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