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Tip #8: Appealing to your Online Audience – Our Advice for using the Right Visuals on your Website

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The general look of your website, and good quality pictures are extremely important factors to make your website a success.

Keep it captivating, attractive and uncluttered.

Your website visuals should reinforce what your company has to offer – think about using pictures of varied projects to help the user build a clear picture of what you could achieve for them.

Impressive before and after pictures are a great selling tool.

These are all important factors to help turn visitors into paying customers.

Do I need to employ a professional photographer?

Smartphones provide a good alternative to paying for a photographer.

They have the capability to take a photo, which can be easily shared across multiple platforms, like your website and social media pages.

What’s important is that your images are clear, you don’t need to be David Bailey, but make sure the pictures aren’t blurred.

If you’re taking picture of your work, tidy up before you start clicking and make sure you have customer permissions before you use any project images.

This goes for people too – if someone’s in the picture, you need to check they’re happy to be shared to the wider world before you post them online.

What about video?

Videos are a great for attracting the attention of users.

They are a fun and informative way to demonstrate what you do.

A ‘vlog’ (video blog), for example, is a great way to convey more complex messages, including demonstrations of particular works and ‘live’ case studies.

Overall, video has grown in popularity as a medium over the last few years – perfect for your website and also social media platforms.

Facebook, for example, is now awash with video content.

Again, use your Smartphone to capture the moment!

How will my customers recognise my website?

You’ve probably already got a name for your business, and if you haven’t already you will need to incorporate it into some form of logo.

This is important to create your own brand.

Be sure to clearly display your logo on your website, as well as across all your marketing activities, like your van.

If your branding is consistent and clear on your website customers will easily be able to identify you.

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