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Tip #15: Go social – Our advice on using Facebook to Promote your Business

December 15, 2018 featured image

Facebook for business might appear daunting at first, but using it In the right way will boost your profile, and could lead to more work.

If you are a sole trader or a small business, Facebook is a great way of letting people know what you are up to, promoting your business through ‘virtual’ word of mouth.

What’s even better, is that it’s free and anyone with access to a computer, tablet or smartphone can use it to their advantage.

Most people are on Facebook already – it’s likely you already have a reasonable understanding of how it works.

Where do I start to create a Facebook Presence for my Business?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the UK, so the potential reach for your business page is huge, which is why you need to get it right. It won’t happen overnight!

When building your following connect with your core customers direct through Facebook, email and on your website.

If you’re already on Facebook personally, your existing Facebook friends are a very useful tool – get them to like and share the page.

To go beyond existing connections, you can create Facebook Ads to get your page in front of a particular group.

Facebook Ads allow you to target specific areas, and types of people, based on age and what they like and dislike. Costs are reasonable and fully controllable.

Concentrate on your Content

The work you do is your best advert, upload pictures of projects your proud of to encourage positive conversations with your customers – make sure you get permission before using photos of their homes and tag them in the pictures to help increase visibility.

It is important to post regularly – it only takes a few seconds to post a picture.

Plan ahead and think about what your posts might look like; what will they say? How regular will they be? You need to aim for at least one post a week.

Spend some time making a list of potential ideas that you can draw upon at busy periods to keep a dialogue going.

Don’t be afraid to broaden your topics, if you know there is an interesting development in your trade why not start a discussion about it? Look at trade organisations pages for inspiration.

Facebook is just one of many various social media platforms that could benefit your business, download our free guide to Social Media for more information.

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