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Building Services Training Courses for Ex-armed Forces Personnel

 Mar, 08 - 2019   Careers

After the structure of the forces, starting a new life on civvy street can be a daunting prospect for many service personnel.    Kickstarting a new career is a huge part of making a smooth transition and service leavers have usually acquired many transferable skills during their time in the...

New, Free beginners guide to the plumbing industry

 Nov, 27 - 2017   Careers

Logic4training has launched the Ultimate Guide to Plumbing Careers, a free guide to becoming a plumber, providing useful advice for school and college leavers, career changers or employers looking to up-skill existing staff.   The guide sets out clearly everything you need to know What training to take How to...

Why should I join a Competent Person’s Scheme?

 Oct, 02 - 2017   Careers

When you’re working with potentially dangerous materials or appliances, it’s important to keep you and your customers safe. You must carry out work to meet the proper standards and legislation. Competent Person Schemes (CPS) were introduced by the UK Government to allow individuals and enterprises to self-certify that their work...

Family business – Training the next generation

 Jun, 20 - 2017   Careers

The building services engineering trades have always carried the tradition of handing businesses down father-to-son (or daughter in more recent times), but a new study from AXA has shown that this trend is increasing amongst the millennial generation – those aged under 35.   As well as a high job...

Post-16 Skills plan offers quality rather than quantity

 Jul, 21 - 2016   Careers

Nick Boles, skills minister in the UK, has unveiled a new plan for post-16 education. The plan is based on 15 routes into technical education in order to “harness the nation’s talent”. Under the new post-16 skills plan 16-year-olds will have to choose between 15 high-quality routes. That’s a big change...

Upskilling: adding a spark to your future

 Jun, 27 - 2016   Careers

Jobs for life, promotion based on seniority, doing the same thing year in, year out, are concepts that are quickly dying out.   Many gas and heating engineers are increasingly asked to go beyond the basics of their role to provide a total, multi-skilled service covering some domestic electrical tasks,...

Join our sub-contractor training team – Logic4training

 Dec, 29 - 2015   Careers

Join our sub-contractor training team   Are you a training pro, capable of up-skilling existing or potential building services engineers? Are you looking for sub-contracted work, delivering high-quality heating, plumbing and electrical courses with one of the UK’s leading training providers?   Logic4training has immediate vacancies for building services trainers...

The benefits of working in the skilled trades


In a world of uncertainty, learning a skilled trade is probably the most sure fire way to make a living.    Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was all about business, greed is good, money makes the world go round Thatcherite/New Labour rhetoric. Become an investment banker, become a...

Time for new skills in 2016?

 Dec, 16 - 2015   Careers

Diversify your skills in 2016!   They say the secret to success is never stop learning! It’s always a good idea to continuously learn new skills, build on your knowledge and expanding your horizons. Not only will you always be more marketable in a competitive working environment, you’re guaranteed job...

New Year, new career – Is it time for a career change?

 Dec, 21 - 2015   Careers

Is it time for a career change? These career change ideas from the trades can become a reality with Logic4training.   New Year is a prime time for reflection; a point at which we’ll define changes we hope to make for the year ahead, looking forward to bigger and better...

Kitchen Fitters – Getting The Right Qualifications


Kitchen fitters require a broad set of skills to do the job correctly. Our tips and advice will help you understand how you can gain new qualifications to do more as an installer. Kitchen and bathroom fitters will install suites in people’s homes or in commercial properties like offices etc. This...

New career at 40 – 2 top career ideas 40 year olds swear by


A new career at 40 sounds daunting but it’s rapidly become the norm in fast moving Britain. In today’s society age is just a number, and more of us are finding out that growing up is not about sitting still. We still can’t escape ageing but technology and lifestyle mean we...