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Electricians – work is waiting for you!

July 20, 2015 featured image

Electricians – work is waiting for you!


A new Trade Pulse report from Screwfix has revealed that nearly one in six electricians is so busy they have more work than they can handle! 78 per cent of respondents claimed they had more than enough work, compared with just 72 per cent back in 2012.

Good news you may think, but the reality is there is a severe lack of professional electricians in the UK, which has led to more than three quarters of our tradesmen calling for the government to raise the number of apprenticeship places from 110,000 to 400,000, encouraging as many school leavers to take up apprenticeships as go to university.

The UK’s skills shortage has even been hampering the country’s productivity and economic recovery, according to business leaders*. Kevin Green of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) commented on the alarming shortage: “Last year we had nine areas of skills shortages, now we have 43 areas. Every type of engineering is in short supply, from mechanical to software, civil to electrical.”

The shortage is particularly acute in construction and according to one report by accountants KPMG and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), about 20 per cent more construction managers, surveyors,  electricians and other trades will be needed to meet demand over the next four years, than were needed from 2010-13.

Could the electrical route be for you?

In a bid to boost the numbers of skilled professionals entering the industry, we offer a number of routes to becoming a qualified electrician. We have also recently launched a new Domestic Electrical Installer Course, a four week programme which encompasses the following:

Call our team now for advice or to book onto the course: 0345 845 7222.


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