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Tip #11: Plug into future markets – train in electric vehicle charging  

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The number of electric vehicles is growing year on year.

Projected figures from VW suggest they’ll soon be selling more than a million of electric vehicles annually.

Sales in Europe of fully electric cars and vans and plug-in hybrids, which can travel a short distance off a battery before switching to a conventional engine, grew by 40% in the first half of 2018.

Charge it up!

The batteries in Electric Vehicles need charging and if we’re to be able to support the growing numbers of vehicles on the road, we’ll need an army of EV technicians to install charging points to set up the necessary infrastructure.

The government has made a commitment to substantially increase the EV charging network, is undertaking research on how best meet the demand and it has raised the money allocated to fund the charging infrastructure.

Access to low-cost, well-located charging from abundant power sources is necessary so it is also exploring:

  • Making it a requirement for new home and office developments to include charging points as standard
  • Introducing new street light columns with charging points to enable on-street charging

Kieron Alsop, MD of Rolec, one of the leading manufacturers of EV charging points said in a recent interview with Voltimum,

“Opportunities for the electrical contractor within the EV charging industry are now significant.  As manufacturers of Europe’s largest and most diverse range of EV charging points we have witnessed, over the last couple of years, an unprecedented demand for the installation of our charging units.”

Train for the road ahead

If you’re an electrician there’s real potential here to broaden your skills.

With the necessary practical experience under your belt, transferable skills and a little specialist training, the road ahead looks set for success.

The two-day Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installer Course that Logic4training offers covers all the knowledge and skills required to install, fault find, inspect and test electric vehicle charging equipment in domestic, commercial and industrial locations.  For more information please click here.

If you’re like to find out more about what’s happening and how you can diversify to make the most of the developments in technology and design, you can download our Ultimate Guide to Future Proof Installers, for free, here.

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