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What’s the Cheapest Type of Car?  It’s Electric, according to New Report

February 21, 2019 featured image

Electric cars are cheaper to own than conventional cars, according to a new report from the International Council for Clean Transportation (ICCT).

Looking at how vehicle taxation policy could be used to lower transport emissions, the ICCT compared the financial costs of four models of Volkswagon Golf — pure electric, plug-in hybrid, gasoline, and diesel — in the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Norway over a four-year period.

What did the Report find?

In all five countries, the VW e-Golf, which is the pure electric model and has a range of around 125 – 186 miles, was the cheapest to own and run.

This was down to a combination of lower taxes, lower fuel costs and incentives, leading the ICCT to conclude that government incentives are key to promoting sales of electric vehicles and taking effective action against climate change and air pollution.

Sandra Wappelhorst from the ICCT said: “Most trips are within an electric vehicle’s range, and it is the battery electric vehicle that turns out to be the most cost effective over four years. But if you’re a country doctor, who might have to respond to emergency calls at odd hours in odd places, you’ll have to evaluate a battery electric car differently to a London surgeon.”

How much cheaper is an EV than a Conventional Car?

The Guardian newspaper calculated the advantage of the electric Golf over the diesel model and they found:

  • Norway – 27% (electric cars are exempt from registration taxes in Norway)
  • Netherlands – 15%
  • France – 12%
  • Germany – 11%
  • UK – 5% (the UK cut its EV incentives recently, but the EV is still cheaper than the diesel model)

EV Charging Point Installer Course

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You can download the full ICCT report here.

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