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ACS stats 2017 – Infographic

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With change imminent, we thought we would look at some of the key statistics surrounding ACS throughout its 20-year history.

Failure stats

Experienced trades professionals often complain that it’s impossible to fail ACS assessments.

The statistics beg to differ. These figures are the total numbers of failures for each sector since ACS was introduced.

  • Domestic Gas initial assessment – 9937 failures
  • Domestic Gas re-assessment – 2333 failures
  • LPG Initial assessment – 487 failures
  • LPG re-assessment – 54 failures
  • Catering initial assessment – 193 failures
  • Catering re-assessment – 11 failures
  • Non domestic assessment – 1075 failures
  • Non domestic re-assessment – 107 failures

The re-assessment failures are disturbingly high and show why there is need to regularly check the scheme and update it to make sure training standards meet the requirement set by the industry.

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