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Boiler breakdowns top of the worry list in winter

October 23, 2015 featured image

Do your customers fear boiler breakdowns? Help them banish boiler worries this winter!

Help your customers have peace of mind this winter by booking up their annual service NOW in a bid to combat costly breakdowns! According to some 30 per cent of homeowners are worried their boiler will fail this winter, which could see them rack up unwelcome costs this Christmas.

Figures suggest that the average cost to repair a broken down boiler is £344, while nine per cent of households with a broken down boiler have paid more than £1,000. Something homeowners may often forget is that most (72 per cent) of home buildings insurance policies include home emergency cover as standard or as an optional extra, so it would be well worth you reminding them also that assistance is available!

In reality, your customers do not give their boiler a second thought until the moment it breaks down. Talk to them before this happens and urge them to get their system checked in preparation for the increase in use over the winter months.

You can also help them use their heating more efficiently by considering:

  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) – Recommending that TRV’s are fitted on radiators, offers customers greater control over the rooms they are heating.
  • Programmable thermostats –allowing customers to set the time, area and temperature they require. Turn the thermostat down by just one degree could see an 8 per cent saving on their heating bill.
  • Weather Compensation – now a standard with most new boilers; this technology monitors the outside temperature and adjusts central heating accordingly. It can save as much as 20 per cent on heating bills.
  • Bleed radiators – advise your customers that if they have a sealed system any air let out needs to be replaced with water using the filling loop. Keep them posted that if they call you or any other engineer to do this regularly, there is most probably a leak the needs attention.
  • Draught proof – a relatively inexpensive way of saving cash is by investing in thick curtains for doors and windows, or anywhere where there is a draught.

Here are a few tips on healthier heating from trainer Mat Geeves

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