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Boiler fault finding course at Logic4training’s Basildon centre

December 7, 2015 featured image

We’ve launched a Boiler Fault Finding course at our Basildon centre, for gas installers who require the technical skills to check for issues in order to maintain and repair central heating systems.

The two-day course will enable experienced gas engineers to easily identify central heating faults based on a boiler start-up sequence, understand and use manufacturers’ flow charts and wiring diagrams, plus use multi-meters to test circuits, components and earth continuity, focusing on safe isolation and safe working practices.

Mark Krull, director at Logic4training, explained: “Whether you’re looking to refresh your learning or wanting to focus more on the servicing side, this new course will provide heating engineers and installers with a more detailed understanding of boiler diagnostics and how to remedy the problems that may arise.”

The new Boiler Fault Finding course is available at our Basildon centre is open to Gas Safe Registered engineers who have completed the relevant ACS gas safety (CCN1) and central heating appliance (CENWAT) qualifications. Course content includes:

Boiler and heating system fault finding:

  • Electrical safety – anti-static precautions, electric shock hazards, etc.
  • Understand the operation of electronic components within circuits
  • Use of multi-meters to analyse circuits
  • Locate a range of faults to component level
  • Fault find from a particular point in the boiler’s start up sequence
  • S and Y Plan wiring systems

Multimeter usage:

  • Principles of use and theory
  • Safe Isolation and safe working
  • Earth continuity testing
  • Testing for Polarity
  • Short circuit testing
  • Component testing

For more information about our boiler fault finding course at Basildon, click here.

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