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How can pre-course learning help you?

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Gas installers – you know how stressful renewing your qualifications can be. It’s easy to let it slip your mind after a five year gap then, all of a sudden it’s time. If a qualification expires you can’t work and that can be a nightmare.

Even worse can be the fear of failure. Despite being an expert in your field, working day in day out on jobs you are used to, there are often certain aspects of the job you don’t necessarily focus on as much as others. It’s only natural to feel a bit rusty prior to attending a training centre, wouldn’t you rather feel a bit more prepared?

We often find engineers worry about how they will look to their peers in the centre, meaning some are less inclined to ask questions and talk to the trainer in class. That can really affect your performance in the exam – Not necessarily because of a lack of skill but because of a lack of confidence or not wanting to look like you know less than a fellow candidate.

Logic4training understands that training and re-assessment is not cheap, so we feel that with ClubLogic we are adding more value for your money, as well as taking away some of the stress that comes with the process.

By giving you more preparation before your assessment we give you a chance to refresh your memory, brush up on anything you may have forgotten and boost your confidence.

This is where pre-course learning comes into its own. Our trainers have worked hard to produce resources, videos and quizzes for CCN1 candidates. ClubLogic is made available to candidates around 4 weeks prior to the start of the course. It by no means replaces the need for training, nor does it count towards your final mark, it’s just there to help!

The response has been fantastic from both our candidates and trainers. We have found that people really enjoy using the online tools, particularly the videos and quizzes. We have had previously stressed, worried installers feeling far more at ease when they come into our centres.

Because it’s mobile friendly we have found engineers are using it in their vans, on breaks and at home with their feet up.

What’s in ClubLogic

At the moment pre-course learning is only available to CCN1 candidates but we are already working on content for other courses – Including electrical. We also intend on giving our customers post course access. Certain resources will be available to reference 24/7, 365 days a year.

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ClubLogic for CCN1 covers the 4 main areas that our trainers find candidates struggle on most:

ccn1 resources

In each section you will find documents, resources and charts to help you make accurate calculations, videos from Mat explaining each section as though you were in the classroom with him and quizzes to test your knowledge in your own time.

If you would like to find out more about ClubLogic from Logic4training – Click Here

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