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Carbon Monoxide awareness week in its 10th year!

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CO awareness week in its 10th year!


Installers, make sure your customers are safe from Carbon Monoxide! It’s never far from the news but CO is back in the spotlight this month in particular as the industry celebrates its 10th Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, which commences on Monday 16th November.

A key event for the gas industry, Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week was set up to raise awareness of the immediate and long-term effects of CO poisoning, and is proving particularly timely this year given new government legislation that came into effect on October 1st which means landlords must ensure that CO alarms are installed in every room containing a solid fuel burning combustion appliance.

Recent research conducted by Corgi revealed that some 8.4 million people in Britain have suffered CO poisoning or know someone who has. Fifty eight per cent of homeowners admitted to not having their systems checked/serviced regularly, showing that around 2.13 million homes are at risk of exposure to dangerous levels of CO.

Installers should seize this opportunity to help homeowners by reminding them of their annual boiler service AND other gas appliances, as well as to install a CO for peace of mind.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week was first established by Lynn Griffiths whose family were poisoned in their home as a result of a gas fire flue being blocked with rubble. She explained her plight: “I believe many children have been affected by CO. [My son] suffered all through his school life because of CO. He wasn’t given the support he should have because the school SENCO had no idea of what CO could really do.”

If you need to swat up on your gas safety training, click here for more information on our range of gas safety awareness courses.

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