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CGCS Scheme Withdrawn

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After 3 weeks of escalating pressure from installers following the release of the CGCS scheme, it has now been withdrawn today on the 23rd February 2017. 

Hundreds of installers joined together to protest against the new scheme. Many felt that being Gas Safe Registered should be enough to prove competency.

Gas Engineers each emailed Capita to explain why they think there’s a “conflict of interest” in the company running both the CGCS and Gas Safe Register. It seems this worked as Capita’s Alan Herbert said the company was “withdrawing the service”.

However, at the time of writing CGCS website went down and it’s Gas Safe number vanished.

Installers Reactions

@pbplumber – “It’s great that the thoughts of installers actually doing the job day in day out has influenced the people who try and force these unwarranted schemes on an already congested industry. It’s a victory for the common man and I’m really proud of everyone who made a stand.”

@GasManGod – “Let us give thanks and praise today for the victory that hath been achieved by four regular engineers. Myself @GasManGod , St Peter @pbplumber, Bishop Craig @AlphaTec_ and The Reverend Tony @Unequaledheatin would like to thank thee all for Thy support, emails, tweets, retweets and help. We did it for every single one of you. Thanks be to GasManGod Amen!”

@irbheating – “I’m very pleased to hear that Capita has withdrawn the CGCS scheme. This is a massive victory for installers all across the country, what we have done here is surely a first? We have stood together, united, and used social media to spread the message that we will not stand for it anymore and allow big corporations to run a mock. Now I hope that Gas Safe Register will take note of all the comments and criticism it has received during this and improve its scheme for the future. I don’t know if we have heard the end of CGCS yet, but I’d like to say well done to everyone that stood up and participated. Today is a good day.”

@Unequaledheatin – “The last thing we need in this industry is an extra fee to prove our high standards – the good guys do that everyday anyway. When I posted about this on Facebook the response was incredible – 360 people willing to stand against this waste of resources in just 48 hours. Fantastic result.”

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