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Changes to the Approved Certification Scheme (ACS)

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PLEASE NOTE – This information is from 2011. Read about the latest ACS changes (2017) 

With effect of 1st April, there will be some changes to the Approved Certification Scheme (ACS). The domestic appliance assessments, CEN1 and WAT1 are to be withdrawn, for both initial and re-assessment.

To replace these modules a new assessment has been developed, CENWAT, which will be available as both an initial and reassessment. To qualify for CENWAT, the CPA1 assessment must be completed.

As the name suggests, CENWAT is a combination of both CEN1 and WAT1, re-designed into one assessment that will cover all aspects of the installation, commissioning, servicing and repair of domestic gas-fired central heating, hot water boilers and circulators, combination boilers, storage water heaters and instantaneous water heaters up to 70kW.

This should not present a great deal of change for installers undertaking their ACS, other than to complete CENWAT as a reassessment, candidates must be renewing both CEN1 and WAT1 at the same time. It will not be possible to undertake CENWAT as a reassessment if the trainee only holds CEN1 or WAT1. For individuals in this position, there is an initial CENWAT module.

For those people undertaking CENWAT at Logic4training, the training and assessment package takes place over three days.

Please refer to our new price list for more information.

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