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Gas fitters, eek, it’s nearly heating season!

July 25, 2012 featured image

As the sun beats down for the long awaited British Summer you’d be forgiven for forgetting that in just over a month’s time the heating season officially starts. Gas fitters everywhere should be reminding their customers of the need for annual servicing, plus provide advice on the best ways to save on heating bills this winter.

If the Green Deal ever kicks off, some energy efficiency improvements will be covered by the scheme, in the mean time, savvy homeowners should be spurred on by their local gas fitter to consider the following energy saving upgrades:

Insulation, for walls and roofs

  • Draught proofing
  • Double glazing
  • Upgrading to Combi, A rated gas boiler

While keeping warm may be far from their minds, talk to your customers, highlight the importance of being ready for winter, may be offer an early bird discount for anyone who wants a service or boiler upgrade before the rush from September.

Don’t forget to make sure your training is up to date and if you need to up-skill to include any new appliances under ACS, use this relatively quiet period to attend appropriate gas fitter courses or assessments.

Logic4training offers appliance courses in the following disciplines, as stand alone assessments (you must hold CCN1 before undertaking these) or as part of our Gas Safety CCN1 and appliances packages, for initial assessment and re-assessment.

  • CENWAT – Central Heating Boilers/Hot Water Heaters (CPA1 required)
  • CKR1 – Cookers
  • HTR1 – Space Heaters (including Gas Fires and Wall Heaters) (CPA1 required)
  • DAH1 – Warm Air Heaters
  • MET1 – Meters
  • LAU1  – Tumble Dryers
  • REGT1 – Medium Pressure Meter Regulators
  • CPA1 – Combustion Performance Analysis of Domestic Appliances

Logic4training offers the full range of domestic and commercial Gas ACS courses. For more information, click here.


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