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How can Domestic Gas Engineers Upskill into other Sectors?

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Domestic Gas Engineers who already hold the Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) have various options available to expand their scope of work.

Download this infographic to see various options available to upskill into Commercial Heating Gas Work, Commercial Catering, LPG, Electrical, Oil, Fgas and Renewable energy sectors.

Note: From Monday 1st October 2018, candidates will have to prove that they have been on the Gas Safety Register for at least six months in order to extend their scope from one Gas sector to another e.g. Domestic to Commercial, Catering or LPG changeover. This does not apply to upskilling into other sectors like Electrical, Oil, Fgas or Renewable energy sectors.  Find out more

Why Upskill?

Logic4training carried out an Upskill Survey in 2018.

According to this research, upskilling to different areas lead to enhanced work satisfaction (+39%), a larger customer based and, above all, an increased hourly rate.

An overwhelming 87.5% respondents from our upskill survey have added to their skill set later on in their career.

In fact, 93.69% of industry professionals would recommend it. As to the question “why?”, respondents to our survey answered:

  • “I feel that upskilling is an essential progression in any trade, which individuals, companies and customers all gain from.”
  • “You can offer clients a complete package, especially now hybrid systems are becoming very popular.”
  • “For self-development and a better chance of moving on in your career.”
  • “You can offer complete installation and servicing services to your customers and cut out using sub-contractors to cover your skill shortage.”
  • “This industry is always changing and you need to continue training or be left behind.”

Download the full survey report here to see how trades people develop their skill sets and the benefits this has to their business, such as enhanced work satisfaction, larger customer base and an increased hourly rate attributed to being multi-skilled.

Call our customer advisors on 0208 845 7222 or contact us to discuss your options.

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