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From plumbing apprentice to fully-fledged gas engineer!

July 5, 2022 featured image

Yasmine is a young plumbing apprentice currently going through her Gas ACS with Logic4training. She is employed by United Living, a large property company based in Swanley in Kent.

Yasmine was bit by the plumbing bug was when she was studying a GCSE construction at school and has loved every minute of her learning journey since. Back then, she was one of only two girls in a class of thirty, so she’s used to working in a male environment.

“Most of the time I don’t come up against too much prejudice,” said Yasmine. “I work with a lovely team at United Living and if there’s ever an issue about me being a girl, more often than not it comes from the customers – and that’s only because it’s unusual to see a female plumber. Once they get to know me and can see I’m competent, it’s fine!”

United Living takes on two apprentices at a time, so Yasmine has enjoyed working alongside her colleague for the last four years. They typically work out in the field four days a week, learning skills and building confidence in what they’re doing, and then they spend a day a week in college, working on the theory.

Yasmine has a level 3 NVQ in plumbing and has once she’s completed her gas qualification with Logic4training, she can become Gas Safe registered and work as a fully-fledged gas engineer.  She’s almost completed the portfolio part of the course, recording her experiences of working on real-life jobs in her journal, ready for assessment. In a month she’ll be finished and she just can’t wait!

“I’m so excited about finishing my apprenticeship. It feels as though I’ve been a passenger for too long now and I’m longing to get properly stuck into work. The years I’ve spent learning with United Living have been really valuable, I’ve been taught to think for myself and have had a great deal of experience learning from different people with different approaches. I mainly work on boiler breakdowns and servicing which I really enjoy.

“I’m excited to see where the future takes me, but for now, I’m very happy working here.”

“I suppose it’s an unusual thing for a woman to be doing, but that’s an old-fashioned attitude. Working as an engineer is a great career. You just have to be patient and persistent to get to where you want to be. If you face knock-backs, keep on going and don’t be discouraged from finding the right job or apprenticeship for you. It’s really satisfying being able to help people and I love the camaraderie of working with others. Go for it!”

Pre-apprenticeship opportunities with Logic4training

As well as comprehensive courses for plumbers, engineers, electricians and those seeking to work with renewables, we offer a pre-apprenticeship course which acts as a stepping stone for those looking for apprenticeships in the building services sector. Part of the seven-week course is an introduction to companies who may be able to provide work or an apprenticeship placement at the end of the course.

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