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SAFETY ALERT: Faulty Beko cookers linked to 18 deaths

November 25, 2020 featured image

Sadly, it has been discovered that 18 people have been killed as a result of safety defects in gas cookers linked to the Beko and Glen Dimplex brands.

The link was only uncovered after 6 people died in a little over 2 months, 5 years after the cookers went on sale.

The cookers had all apparently passed rigorous testing and had met the relevant safety standards.

Advice for gas engineers

Once the risk became clear, the company sought to find as many of the cookers as possible and carry out safety modifications.

While the average product recall is only 10-20% successful, Beko said it reached 58% of customers in this instance.

However, it is believed up to 1,000 of the cookers could still be in people’s homes.

We, along with a growing number of voices, are urging people to check their cookers are not on the affected model list.

Installers should make any customers with a Beko appliance aware of the issue and support them in checking the model list and advising that they contact Beko for product recall.

Link to BBC article here.

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