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Safety Alert: Testo 330-1 & 330-2 Flue gas analysers

February 5, 2015 featured image

Gas engineers take note, Gas Safe Register have issued a safety alert regarding the Testo 330-1 & 330-2 Flue gas analysers.

This Safety Alert has been published to highlight a possible error in firmware on two models of flue gas analysers manufactured by Testo.

This affects testo 330 flue gas analysers, but only the version with the grey housing and black-and-white display (production period 2006-2011) and Firmware version 2.02. If you own a newer testo 330 with black housing and colour display, this does NOT affect you.

Testo has discovered an error in Firmware version 2.02 which causes the instrument to display an incorrect value when measuring ambient CO content while using the flue gas probe. This causes the instrument to display no CO content, even if the ambient air does contain levels of CO. In such circumstances there could be an increased risk for personal safety and this could lead to serious health damage.

How to identify affected instruments?
Only flue gas analysers as listed below are affected by this safety alert.

Table 1 – Analysers affected by Firmware issue
Model Number Part No. (on data badge) Firmware Installed Identifying Features Production Period
Testo 330-1 0632 3304 2.02 Grey housing and a black-and-white display 2006 – 2011
Testo 330 -2 0632 3305 2.02 Grey housing and a black-and-white display 2006 – 2011

You can download the full safety alert from Gas Safe Register Here

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