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Tip #17: Upskilling to Commercial Gas Work – Our Advice on Preparing a Successful Bid for Tendering

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Upskilling to the commercial gas sector offers a challenging and exciting working environment ideal for skilled domestic gas engineers looking for their next lucrative career move. 

To make your move a success, you’ll need to have experience, transferable skills and extra training as well as an awareness of the cultural differences between the two sectors.

Bigger budgets, bigger projects and more competition – your costs for commercial projects need to be carefully accounted and you must provide a great quality of service with high safety standards.

How do you Win Work in the Commercial Gas Sector?

Contractors wishing to win commercial contracts put in a bid for tendering, setting out a schedule of work and the costs involved.

You’ll be competing for the work, so preparation of a strong bid is essential.

How do you Prepare a Successful Bid for Tendering?

  • Plan: get yourself organised. You’ll need to ensure you make time to prepare the bid.  This can be challenging when you’re also managing your regular workload.
  • Research: it’s worth finding out as much as you can about the company you’re hoping to work for before you prepare your bid. You might be able to discover what they’re like to work with and what they look for in a service provider.
  • Focus: understand the client’s requirements and prepare a proposal that matches perfectly with their stated and underlying needs. Be precise.
  • Provide proof: send copies of any professional certificates and documentation detailing your insurance and H&S policies, plus any risk assessments, plans and membership of professional bodies, such as the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) – anything to substantiate your bid.
  • Polish: it’s important to make sure your bid looks and sounds professional. Most tenders are submitted in writing, but increasingly, email bids are acceptable. Scruffy presentation and slip-shod content won’t win the game. You want to portray yourself and your proposal as best you can.
  • Be realistic: establish an accurate and effective pricing strategy. Budgets these days tend to be tight and everyone is seeking maximum value for minimum cost, however you need to ensure that whilst presenting an attractive bid to the client, you still make a profit. Don’t be tempted to under-sell yourself.
  • Meet the deadline: it sounds obvious, but make sure you get tour bid in on time. The effort and hours you’ve put in to preparing the bid will be wasted if you miss the submission date.


Do I need Extra Training to Upskill to Commercial Gas?

Yes, in addition to your CCN1, you’ll need in-depth training on the different appliance types, flues, controls and systems commonly found in the commercial gas field.

We offer targeted training courses specifically designed to give you all the training and assessment you need to make the move to commercial.


View our commercial ACS gas safety courses for more information

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