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5 creepy things plumbers find in their customers houses

October 24, 2017 featured image

The general public puts a lot of trust in trades-people.

We spend a lot of time in other people’s houses, often poking around in parts of the house rarely trodden in.

That often leads to some spooky goings on or weird things being found.

Of course, a good trades-person knows to keep calm and carry on but sometimes this can be a bit tricky, especially if the situation is just way too NOPE to bear.

As part of our #Fridayquestion on Friday the 13th we decided to ask our twitter followers “What’s the creepiest thing you’ve found in a customer’s house?”

We were inundated with responses, some slightly too rude to publish but some really great weird ones, just in time for Halloween!

1. Religious blackboards

Blackboards covered writing are generally pretty spooky but make it religious and you’d be forgiven for checking the wardrobe for skin suits.

Finding random religious items is right up there when it comes to creepiness, unless of course you’re Gas Man God.


2. Inexplicably miniature items

Are the mice plotting to take over?

It’s only a matter of time before you’re being tied up beneath the floorboards by a race of super intelligent, escaped lab rats.


3. Dead animals

It’s never nice finding dead animals, it’s particularly “not nice” when it’s a customer’s beloved pet – as one of our followers tweeted:



A pretty horrible situation but we salute Kevin Skeith for going above and beyond the call of duty for his customer!

4. Creepy children’s toys

Truly the stuff of nightmares, dolls often pop up in the least expected places.

Usually the customer will neglect to tell the plumber about the small blank staring person hiding behind the water tank.

The resulting near heart attack is never pleasant!



Picture the scene, you turn up at a customer’s house and she tells you she’s a witch… Would you go in?



We say a big NOPE to all of that.

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