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Calling all building services employers in Luton!

April 24, 2012 featured image

Calling all building services employers in Luton!

Logic4training is now offering pre-apprenticeship programmes for over 19s in the Luton area and need willing employers, in plumbing, heating & ventilating, refrigeration & air conditioning and electrical trades, to take these learners on as employees or apprentices.

The programme is based on the City & Guilds 2000 L1 Certificate in Access to Building Services Engineering and will give learners basic skills and knowledge within the plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and H&V areas, providing a first step into our industry. Basic employability skills are covered as part of the programme and candidates will have reached minimum levels in maths and English.

There are loads of benefits to taking on an apprentice, not least the fact that it gives you the opportunity to shape someone towards a way of working that suits your particular business. As these learners are over 19, they should be a bit more mature and may have more relevant experience than your average school leaver*.

With over one million young people aged between 18-24 unemployed it is vital that the building services sector takes a lead in finding meaningful employment and apprenticeships for some of these individuals.

If you’re interested in providing an apprenticeship or employment for candidates on this course, please get in touch: 0845 457 7222,

The pre-apprenticeship course is being delivered in partnership with Pearson in Practice and Job Centre Plus.

*Due to their age, apprenticeships aren’t fully funded and wages will be payable by the employer.

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