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CGCS New Certification Scheme

 Feb, 07 - 2017   General

Capita Gas Compliance Services (CGCS) has launched a new UKAS accredited gas safety certification. It will be used to benchmark and confirm that businesses have met all legal gas safety standards.

CGCS new certification is recognised by both public and private sector organisations. It will also provide assurance for an organisation and employees against the risks of gas safety work.

Furthermore, the certification comes with many benefits including; (Taken directly from CAPITA website)

  • Improves gas safety which benefits consumers
  • Demonstrates your organisation is committed to quality and its customers, and has gone through a rigorous, impartial third party assessment to prove it (including assessment of gas work itself).
  • It gives a competitive edge to your marketing and business opportunities including the ability to use the UKAS ‘crown and tick’ artwork.
  • Manage and control your risks in relation to the delivery of safe gas work. (The use of relevant accredited certification is recognised as a mitigating factor in legal processes.)
  • Improves the Gas Safe Register risk rating of your business which influences the frequency and scope of inspection(s) your business faces.
  • Use of certification can lead to cost savings as the external assessment process encourages smarter, risk based quality control which can lead to achieving the same or improved safety standards with less resource.
  • Certificated status provides proof of quality if you are tendering for gas work and mitigates the risk for your clients.
  • The CGCS certification Gas Scheme is complementary to other quality schemes you may already have e.g. ISO 9001, Charter Mark, European Foundation of Quality Management and Investors in People.


Thoughts and Opinions

Matthew Hickman, Managing Director at Capita Gas Compliance Services:
“The CGCS certification will give businesses that go ‘above and beyond’ for gas safety work the recognition they deserve among their customer base, potential new business opportunities and other organisations in the industry. We welcome businesses to get in touch to find out how they can achieve CGCS certification and look forward to working with them.”

Paul Stennett, CEO UKAS:
“Congratulations to all the staff at CGCS on achieving UKAS accreditation for its gas safety certification scheme. UKAS accreditation has an established reputation of raising standards and ensuring quality across a broad and diverse range of industry sectors. The scheme marks a new area of accreditation for UKAS. I am delighted that we are able to help generate confidence in the safety, quality, integrity and competence of gas compliance works covered within the scope of CGCS’ accreditation.”

More Information 

The assessment process will take around six to eight weeks depending on the number of operating centres.

However, its important to be aware that the certification cost will vary depending on the size of the business and the scope of the gas work undertaken.

If this is something you are interested in visit their website: or call 0345 845 7222