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Fuel Poverty Needs To Be Debated

 Mar, 23 - 2017   General

The Energy and Utilities Alliance, also known as the ‘EUA’ has responded to Dimplexs comment by stating that there was ‘no need to bring gas into the electric heating debate’ 

Consumer electrical goods firm Dimplex has claimed that by ‘upgrading incorrectly specified appliances is the key to reducing fuel poverty in electrically heated homes, not connecting properties to the gas grid’.

However, in January’s report the EUA claims that homes using electrical for their heating could save an average of £922 if they are connected to the existing gas grid.
Mike Foster, Chief Executive of the EUA: 

“I was delighted to see Dimplex’s product marketing director, Chris Stammers, help highlight EUA’s recent report “Fuel Poverty- a connected solution” as this issue needs to be debated. With four million households in fuel poverty, all options to reduce this should be considered…”


More Information 

Here’s the link to their report which is a contribution to an important debate on fuel poverty –