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Hot money-saving tips for your customers this winter!

September 25, 2013 featured image

Why not kill the chill this winter by helping your customers save any unnecessary spend on fuel costs. An annual service to ensure the boiler is working to optimum efficiency and ready for its winter workload is just one way of saving energy and cash.

Top tips include:

  • Lagging pipes helps homeowners to retain warmth and reduce heat loss
  • TRV’s offer greater control over heating
  • Programmable thermostats allow customers to set the time, area and temperature they require. Turn the thermostat down by just one degree could see an 8 per cent saving on their heating bill
  • Weather compensation monitors the outside temperature and adjusts central heating accordingly, saving as much as 20 per cent on heating bills
  • Bleed radiators to eliminate colds spots and produce an even heat
  • Draught proofing with thick curtains, for example, helps heat loss through doors and windows, or anywhere where there is a draught.

Indeed, if you feel a property would benefit from energy saving improvements, as laid out in the government’s flagship Green Deal Scheme; you could also provide information and recommend websites that help your customers understand what going ‘green’ could do for them energy-wise and financially.

Topping up your awareness on the latest Green Deal news or the domestic arm of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) could earn you brownie points as a helpful and knowledgeable heating professional securing you busy for man.

If you’re interested in delivering services under the RHI, you need appropriate training. Logic4training delivers heat pump course; both technologies covered by the scheme.

Remeber to always show your Gas Safe Register ID card when meeting with new customers. Keep up to date with ACS through Logic4training.

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