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Installers First

April 10, 2017 featured image

Installers First has been launched to make sure that installers voices are heard when it comes to shaping the industry. 

Stewart Clements, Director, HHIC shares his thoughts;

“…Thousands of Gas Safe engineers have joined together to voice their opinion on circumstances within the industry which were seemingly outside of their control, or so they thought.

Discussions were had about schemes, training and skills and the odd bit of banter about tools.

Whether this ‘movement’ had an actual effect on its target, or not; what cannot be denied is the camaraderie and sense of power felt by those involved.

Gas safe engineers need a voice; up, down and across the industry. We need to communicate with each other, with Government, with manufacturers and anyone else who has an influence on our livelihood…”

Who are Installers First?

Installers First is a community of Professional Accredited Heating Installers, also known as the voice of installers, for installers, by installers.

The aim; to provide a platform for installers with the latest information and opportunities which could help shape the industry, government regulation and policy. For example; ECO and Green Deal.

Thanks to all the feedback that has been gathered over the past couple of month, Installers First have come up with 3 key ambitions;

  • Training & Skills – to review and improve the current entry to the industry and ensure training for existing installers meets the needs of installers.
  • Bureaucracy – Make it Gas safe and only gas safe and improve consumer awareness.
  • Safety & Standards – Increase focus on driving up standards across the industry, ensuring safety is paramount

There are a few projects they have come up with which we will all be able to find out more about once everything is in place.

Get Involved

For those attending Installer2017, Installer First will be found on stand P320.

At the stand you’ll find a regular installer, not trying to sell anything, but instead meet and gather feedback from other installers.

There will also be social media pictures opportunities and a competition!

More Information 

To stay up to date visit and register your email address.

Alternatively you could email them at

Don’t forget to follow them @Installers – You could even tweet industry issues using #InstallersFirst

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