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Where’s the highest demand for your skills – Survey

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Starting a new business: where’s the highest demand for your skills?

Starting your own business is a big step.

  1. How much demand is there for your services where you are based?
  2. How many similar tradespeople are after the same jobs?
  3. What are the costs of advertising locally?
  4. How easy will it be to buy the materials you need?
  5. And how about the availability of further training?

The answers to these questions are key to a successful start-up and they are now more readily available, thanks to a new digital tool launched by Ironmongery Direct.

A new study

The architectural ironmongery supplier has made a new study of the demands for trades in cities throughout the UK and have come up with some interesting results.

For instance, if you’re a builder, carpenter or gardener, Brighton is the place to be. There’s lots of demand for work and as a result, start-ups seem to keep going longer. Plumbers fair best in Chester, here there are a significant number of jobs available per capita, advertising costs are low and new businesses have a high survival rate.

Coventry, on the other hand, needs more electricians and if you’re a builder, Ironmongery Direct’s research shows that Newcastle-on-Tyne is the place to go.

A move to a new area is a big step, but it might well pay off and it’s useful to have the facts to hand.  It’s interesting to see the variations and some of the results are surprising. Out of the twenty UK cities reviewed as the best place to start a new business, London ranks only 14th.


It gets more complicated when individual factors such as demand, training and suppliers come into play, for the success of specific trades, as they vary considerably.

Because there are plenty of companies offering training and a huge number of places to buy materials in London, construction workers, for example, fair pretty well; ranking 7th. Electricians, by contrast are less likely to thrive as demand is lower and advertising costs are high. They’re looking at a ranking of 17th. If you are an Electrician in London, we offer a range of electrical training courses!

Ironmongery Direct’s managing director, Wayne Lysaght-Mason reviews the results: “It’s surprising to see the difference across industries. The city ranking is significantly different between plumbers and builders, for example. But it looks like Brighton could always use more tradespeople!”

Information like this is compelling and something that’s worth looking into, but there are a lot of other considerations that need to be taken into account when you’re planning a new start-up. Our guide to Setting up a Business – just one of the free guides we offer online – will help you get your new enterprise off to a flying start. To sign up for this invaluable guide and others in the series, please click here.

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