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Local Heroes – A Digital Platform

June 12, 2017 featured image

Energy and services company Centrica plc, have launched and announced that its digital platform to help customers find trusted tradespeople; Local Heroes is now open for business across the UK.

Local Heroes has been developing at Centrica since the beginning of 2016 and is now currently connecting people with local plumbing, heating, electrical and drainage experts.

Its purpose is to meet the changing habits and needs of consumers, especially the next generation of Centrica customers, who want a digital solution when it comes to home services.

Once tradespeople have successfully been approved to become Local Heroes, the business model opens up a new revenue stream of work opportunities available within their local area.

Around 50% of jobs in the home now being done on-demand. This means the digital platform has already indicated that it will test and add new trades later on in the year.

Mark Hodges, Chief Executive, Centrica Consumer said: 

“Local Heroes is a perfect example of how we see innovation and new technologies flourishing at Centrica.

Local Heroes is the first online platform that offers a complete start-to-finish experience, introducing current and next generation Centrica customers to local tradesmen – crucially, all backed by the peace of mind of a British Gas guarantee.”

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