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Logic4training joins forces with Tessell8 & Dunkin’ Donuts for a good cause…

August 21, 2015 featured image

Tessell8, Dunkin’ Donuts and Logic4training have joined forces on a three part charity bike ride to help make a difference in a very special person’s life.

cycling jerseys logic4training

The following has been taken from Tessell8’s website:

“Often, we come across very difficult situations and wonder what we can do. This happened to us earlier this summer and we decided we could do something to make a massive difference. Here is Jennifer’s (not her real name) story:


Having recovered from cancer two years ago Jennifer discovered that she had well established secondary cancer and would need radical treatment. As a single mother of a young boy with autism and with very little family Jennifer has been faced with the dilemma of what action to take. None of the treatment is guaranteed and the thought of her son spending the last months of her life seeing his mum in a hospital bed suffering from the side effects of the treatment has not been a great prospect.


Jennifer’s dream is to be able to take her son on a holiday he would remember that would give him memories of her and the time they spent together.


It is truly a desperate situation but we decided to try and do something to help. Tessell8 have given Jennifer and her son money in order for them to have a holiday while it is still possible. This has been done as part of a wider fund raising project for Jennifer that we wanted to support.


We have often done a cycle ride from Cornwall to Oxford in 3 days. This was our plan this year also. However, given the cost of the hotels, we decided to do three individual rides over the summer to make sure that every penny we raise will go towards Jennifer and her son.”

tessell8 team

We would like to reach out to our customers and anyone else reading this to donate something and help bring a little joy to these difficult set of circumstances.  Tessell8 hope to raise £5000 by the end of summer so please do what you can and provide a little happiness to a tragic situation.

To donate click here

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