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Review The Government’s Industrial Strategy Consultation

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Mark Antrobus, the President of the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) has been asking companies within the sector to review the Government’s Industrial Strategy Document.

What is the Industrial Strategy?

In January 2017, The Government’s Industrial Strategy Consultation was launched by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to help uplift the UK’s economy post Brexit.

Inside you’ll find a 10-point plan which is encouraging the industry to comment on. Here’s the 10-points

  • Investing in science, research and innovation
  • Developing skills
  • Upgrading infrastructure
  • Supporting business to start and grow
  • Improving government procurement
  • Encouraging trade and inward investment
  • Delivering affordable energy and clean growth
  • Cultivating world-leading sectors
  • Driving growth across the whole country
  • Creating the right institutions to bring together sectors and places

You must submit your response by 17th April 2017 using the online consultation platform at

Mark Antrobus, APHC President says:

“The consultation outlines specific plans and investment for industry including the construction, technology and engineering sectors. This will directly impact the plumbing and heating sector as manufacturers, suppliers, training providers, plumbers and heating engineers need to review the consultation document and make their opinions known.

“This is our opportunity to have a say in what needs to be done to safeguard our sector and help build a world leading reputation for the UK’s plumbing and heating sector.”

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