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Trade Health Issues

September 1, 2017 featured image

Trade tools supplier Toolstation conducts new research which shows that 3/4 of the trade have suffered from work related injuries, aches, pains and strains.

This survey highlights some of the challenges faced by the trade when injuries occur as well as financial and emotional impacts.


  • 74% surveyed were sole traders
  • 79% surveyed believe their work related injuries have affected their ability to carry out their work as well as their personal life.
  • 71% reported back problems
  • 64% had trouble with their knees. The neck, shoulders and hands/fingers were also key problem areas.
  • 75% of plumbers highlighted difficult work postures or movements as the main cause of problems.
  • 65% of electricians also highlighted difficult work postures or movements as the main cause of problems.
  • Only 43% of respondents felt their overall health was good

Unfortunately over half of the people surveyed confirmed that they needed to take time off as a result of the injury. However, due to the pressures to work and earn many were unable to do so.

As a result, despite the pain and suffering, many traders ‘just get on with it’.

John Meaden, Toolstation Marketing Director at Toolstation said: 

“Our research reveals the extent to which tradespeople suffer injuries, aches, pains and strains in getting the job done day to day; but more so it highlights the financial and emotional impact of those on individuals and their family life. As a leading supplier to the trade, we believe we have a responsibility to support our customers in looking after themselves, and so are working on ways to help improve the health and wellbeing of tradespeople.”



  1. Working safely is in the interest and concern of all staff. So to minimise the chance of being injured at work check out our online Working Safely Course (Suitable for both employers and employee).
  2. Become a trainer/assessor. This is ideal for those considering a career change but want to stay in the industry. We are looking for new sub-contractor trainers and assessors. For more information or to apply visit our Jobs.

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