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Tradesmen and women – Do you feel undervalued?

 Feb, 10 - 2016   General

New research has found that tradespeople still find themselves under-appreciated by customers.


It’s the same story despite standards continuing to improve year on year, tradespeople can’t seem to get the appreciation they deserve. A recent news story involving the queen looking for an electrician got the community talking about the reportedly ridiculous wage Windsor Castle are asking for. 22k a year, for an electrician!? Can she not afford to pay what a decent electrician deserves!? It’s a castle for crying out loud!


queens electrician


Although new research from AXA has shown that the “cowboy” stereotype is supposed to be on its way out, tradesmen and women are still suffering from unfavourable typecasting. 60% of people surveyed said it’s fair to label tradespeople as “cowboys” or “rogue traders”.


20% also said that they were afraid of being “ripped off” when they need work done.


We think the same goes when the tables are turned too. It’s amazing how often customers try to get out of paying…

pay the plumber


As always it’s the negative reports that make the headlines. The reality is that most people are happy with the work done in their homes. Almost three quarters of those asked said they had a long-standing relationship with one or more trusted tradesmen or women they would recommend to others.


The survey also proved something we know already, that a vast majority of you (82%) will go above and beyond the call of duty, often completing small tasks for no extra cost and working with the customer to help save them money. Countless more of you often fix mistakes from bodged DIY and spend 22% of their time fixing the mistakes of others.


Customers will appreciate good, honest people doing good honest work. Make sure you are organised enough to be upfront about any possibilities. Clarity on cost is crucial but also quality. It’s good to have some kind of portfolio of your best work or at the very least a few good quality pictures of your latest few jobs.


There are still bad workmen out there, just as there are bad customers who don’t pay up on time or who think they know best. When a customer is rude and obnoxious there isn’t a lot we can do but if they overstep the mark it could be an idea to blacklist that customer and let people know what that person is like. Head to one of the many forums or get on social media and shout about it! @logic4training