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Tradespeople on Twitter are taking a Stand against Van Theft

 May, 15 - 2018   General

In the trades industry, your van is everything. It’s your ‘mobile’ office: It keeps all your expensive tools, paperwork, manuals, and it’s your transportation.


Despite the fact that vehicle crime figures have actually declined in the UK, there are still many business owners who still see their vehicles targeted by the thieves.


Many tradesmen on Twitter are expressing their frustration and saying they are fed up.


A few Examples from Twitter


How to Protect your Van


We understand this ‘epidemic’ is ruining trades people livelihoods and needs to end now.


Check out our other blog for tips on how to protect your van from thieves.


Have you experienced theft from your van? Would you say the problem’s increasing? What items are commonly stolen? We’d love to hear your views and thoughts – tweet us @Logic4training