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Calls for the conservatives to uphold their green promises

 May, 12 - 2015   Green Issues

The votes are in and have been counted – the Conservatives have succeeded by a slim majority to land a second term in office.


Following the announcement, David Cameron has promised to lead a government for ‘one nation’ and make ‘Great Britain greater’, claiming that he was on the ‘brink of something special’.


However, in the wake of the news, the renewables industry has made fresh pleas for the conservatives to drop plans for a new onshore wind farm ban in order to continue the fight against climate change.


There have been urgent calls for the new government to support the low carbon economy, warning that tens of thousands of jobs rely on the British onshore wind power industry, which the Tories have pledged to block.


RenewableUK chief executive has responded to the election with the following comment: “We urge the new administration to confirm the importance of onshore wind as an essential part of our electricity mix, as it is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate electricity, and is consistently supported by two-thirds of the public.”


As an overview, the key environmental priorities through the Conservative’s campaign were:

  • Protect the environment and Green Belt in the planning system
  • Spend more than £3bn to 2020 improving the environment
  • Phase out subsidies for new onshore wind farms
  • Invest £500m over the next five years towards making most care and vans zero emission vehicles by 2050.


More generally, the party’s aims are to:

  • Eliminate the deficit and be running a surplus by the end of the Parliament
  • Extra £8bn above inflation for the NHS by 2020
  • Extend Right to Buy to housing association tenants in England
  • Legislate to keep people working 30 hours on minimum wage out of tax
  • 30 hours of free childcare per week for working parents of three and four year olds
  • Referendum on Britain’s EU membership


Let’s see what the next five years have in store! What are your thoughts about how your work/industry will be affected?