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Climate change advisors urge UK to prepare for change

September 17, 2010 featured image

Whilst reading the BBC news website I came across this article written by Richard Black – Environment correspondent, BBC News- advising the UK to prepare for climate change and thought it quite interesting.

The UK needs to prepare itself quickly to deal with the impacts of climate change, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelmangovernment advisers warn. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says climate effects are already being felt in the UK in the form of higher temperatures and changing seasons. Using land more sensibly, adapting buildings and planning for emergencies are areas where it recommends action.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman describes the CCC’s adaptation report as “a wake-up call”. “There is no part of our society which is immune from the effects of climate change”. Britain’s economy will only be as resilient and prepared as British firms, communities and infrastructure.”

Extreme weather

This is the first time the CCC has looked into how homes, businesses and authorities should be changing in order to deal with climate impacts.Previously it has concerned itself with issues such as the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and energy supply. But a degree of adaptation is vital, it concludes, because even the most drastic cuts in emissions cannot prevent some impacts.

The UK’s average temperature has already risen by 1C since the 1970s. The CCC uses projections from computer models of climate change to forecast a higher incidence of extreme weather events such as floods, heatwaves and droughts. “The UK must start acting now to prepare for climate change,” said Lord Krebs, chairman of the CCC’s adaptation sub-committee. “It is not necessarily about spending more, but about spending smart and investing to save. If we get it right, we can save money in the short term and avoid large extra costs in the future.”

To read the full report click here

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