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Ecobuild seminar: The renewables market – growing in a downturn

March 4, 2011 featured image

Ecobuild, 01 March, 12.15 – 13.15: Mark Krull from Logic4training and Kelly Butler from BEAMA explained the growing renewables market, as part of the Installer Business seminars at Ecobuild.

Kelly covered the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) and Green Deal, explaining the benefits to consumers and why this means big business for installers. Other factors, like rising fuel prices and unstable oil markets are also pushing home owners to consider switching from traditional heat and power sources. In terms of the much anticipated RHI, for heat pumps alone predictions show that the installer base will double once the scheme is implemented.

Mark then went on to discuss the logistics of becoming a green installer, including an explanation of the MCS, which is currently being reviewed in order to make the scheme more relevant to smaller businesses. He highlighted the criteria installers need to meet as well as the help available to companies going through the process, such as the ECA’s MCS Made Easy course.

In addition to covering the MCS, other funding streams installers and end-users can access in order to ‘go green’, were also highlighted. These include initiatives, such as the East Sussex Energy Partnership, which provides funding in the South East for homeowners wishing to install solar thermal hot water heating, or insulation. For heat engineers, grants and advice is available from Business Link and Regional Development Agencies, designed to subsidise training and general investment in order to support the expansion of local enterprise.

To help installers (and anyone involved in deciding what building services technology goes in a property) Logic4training is launching an introduction to renewables course. In addition, Logic4training delivers MCS approved Solar Thermal Hot Water, Solar Photovoltaic and Heat Pump training courses.

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