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Green policies explained ahead of the UK election

April 29, 2015 featured image

It’s not long now until we will be casting our vote for the UK’s next government. All parties have been bombarding us for what seems like months, professing their ‘greatest’ manifestos yet, but, aside from their thoughts on immigration and saving the NHS, what are their green policies and hopes for the environment? How will renewable technologies fair under the UK’s future leading party?

We’ve put together some of the main environmental pledges from the ‘big six’ political parties, which may help with your decision at the polling station:


  • Protect the environment and Green Belt in the planning system
  • Spend more than £3bn to 2020 improving the environment
  • Phase out subsidies for new onshore wind farms
  • Invest £500m over the next five years towards making most cars and vans zero emission vehicles by 2050.


  • Freeze energy bills until 2017 and give energy regulator new powers to cut bills this winter
  • Reduce carbon emissions generated during electricity production to zero by 2030
  • Prioritise flood prevention

Liberal Democrats

  • Double renewable electricity by 2020, aim to decarbonise the power sector 2030, leading to a zero carbon Britain by 2050
  • Plant 750,000 trees per year
  • Charge 5p for plastic bags
  • Promote the use of electric cars and public transport

Green Party

  • Phase out fossil fuel-based energy generation and nuclear power
  • Reduce all UK greenhouse gas emissions to 10 per cent of their 1990 levels by 2030 to tackle climate change
  • Invest in renewable energy sources, flood defences and building insulation
  • Ban fracking


  • Repeal the Climate Change Act 2008
  • Protect the greenbelt
  • End so-called ‘green taxes’ to cut fuel bills
  • Prioritise support for organic farms


  • Wants UK government to adopt Scotland’s ambitious carbon reduction target
  • Wants UK government to have a dedicated Climate Justice Fund
  • Energy Company Obligation to be funded through taxation and not as a levy on energy bills
  • Maximise support for offshore wind, ensuring Scotland sees maximum in investment.

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