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April 25, 2013 featured image

The Solar Trade Association is campaigning for the launch of a meaningful Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), one which will encourage end-users to take advantage, while boosting business for renewable installers, particularly solar thermal ones.

This Friday (26th April) the Solar Trade Association needs you to #TweetforHeat

Stuart Elmes Chair of the STA Thermal Working Group has written an article on his personal blog which clearly spells out the effect of repeated RHI delays on the market for all the domestic scale renewable heating technologies.

The article suggests steps DECC could take right now to improve the market for domestic renewable heat.  If you agree with the proposals and have a twitter account, please tweet the following text on Friday 26th April, any time after 9am:

#tweetforheat read this article on #RHI and please consider the suggestions Please RT

Please also let others who might want to join in know about this. In common with other MPs, Greg Barker is a big user of Twitter, and this grass roots communication could help support proposals the STA has made behind the scenes.

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