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New ErP Directive is on the way

 Jan, 13 - 2015   Green Issues

The new Energy-related Product ErP directive from the EU will come into force as of the 26th September 2015.

Energy related products (the use of which has an impact on energy consumption) account for a large proportion of the energy consumption in the EU.

This includes Energy-using products (EUPs), which use, generate, transfer or measure energy (Electricity, Gas, Fossil fuel), such as boilers, computers, TV’s, transformers, industrial fans, industrial furnaces etc.

Other ERPs are also included, like products which don’t use energy but have an impact on energy and can therefore contribute to saving energy. Windows, insulation material, shower heads, taps etc all fall within this bracket.

Installers will still be able to use products purchased and installed prior that date.

Manufacturers and installers will have to ensure that the products they use and the systems they commission meet the minimum requirements within the new directive.


erp energy label


Energy labels (already familiar on products such as fridges and freezers) will have to appear on Space and water heater products. The least efficient water heating products, with ratings F and G, will be banned.