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New Year, New Career! Is it time to make a change?

January 24, 2019 featured image

The end of January is statistically the time when most people are likely to quit their job. If you’ve plans to leave your employer, change careers and/or become self employed in 2020, have you considered how to make these dreams a reality?

Exisiting trades people are well-placed to upskill into related fields, allowing them to enhance their existing role, or change paths completely. What’s important is that you gain the correct skills and qualifications required to work safely, legally and to a high standard in your chosen field.

I’m a qualified and experienced tradesperson, what training could I take to boost my career?


Take a training course that will give you skills to complement your current role.

For example, many installers in the building services engineering sector could benefit from some domestic electrical skills which would enable a plumber to wire in an electric shower, or a gas installer to wire up a boiler.

Working as a gas engineer is rewarding in its own right but being able to offer your customers a variety of skills will give you the professional edge, allowing you to complete work without relying on others and more cost efficiently for the customer.

Follow the links to view our:

Electrical upskill courses

Gas upskill courses

Oil upskill courses

Train for an emerging market

Gas installers, plumbers and electricians are well positioned to build on their current skills and with a little training, take their careers in exciting and profitable new directions.

With new house building targets, rapid technological developments and government commitments to lower emissions, it’s a great time to re-evaluate your working life and embrace the opportunities that a greener future presents.

Hydrogen is a hot topic for 2020, with trials underway to convert the existing natural gas network into a gas/hydrogen mix. Read about the latest news on hydrogen, here.

Download our Ultimate Guide to Future-Proof Installers for more information and take a look at our renewables training courses.

Add soft business skills

For sole traders and business owners in particular, apart from the nuts and bolts of your profession, training in softer skills could be beneficial.

Areas you could consider, include:

  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Employment
  • Accounting
  • Other core element of setting up and running a business

We have created a range of free business guides that could help.  Sign up here to get them delivered straight to your inbox.

Join a Competent Person Scheme

Being a member of a Competent Person Scheme (CPS) will enable you to self-certify that you work complies with Building Regulations.

To join you will typically need to be assessed to ensure you meet the standards they expect.

Many of our courses can help you with this process.  If you would like more information, get in touch.

Can I take time off work to train?

If you work for a large company, you may be entitled to paid or unpaid leave to develop your professional skills under the Government’s Right to Request Time to Train.

For more details or the policy visit:

Download our Ultimate Guide to Training for more free advice and information.

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