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Autumn checklist for heating engineers

August 30, 2017 featured image

It’s been a funny summer, but with September just around the corner, it’s a good time for heating engineers to use what is traditionally a quieter time of year, to prepare for the busy months ahead.

We’ve put together a check-list to help you get everything in order.


Number one is to check that your qualifications are up to date and perhaps think about doing a bit more training.

If you’re a gas installer you need to renew your ACS certificate every five years so that you can register to become a member of the Gas Safe Register and operate legally.

We offer a variety of domestic gas courses to ensure you’re up to date with the latest methods and legislation.

You might also take a look at our domestic electrical courses so that you’re qualified to wire a boiler or a new shower – it’s always useful to have more than one string to your bow.

Alternatively, maybe you’d be interested in renewables.

It’s a growing sector, with energy and carbon saving an increasing concern for consumers looking to save money and the planet.

Logic4training provides a range of renewable energy training courses for experienced installers wishing to expand their skills.


Make sure you have everything set in place admin-wise.

When you’re busy on the job, it’s important to keep proper records of when and where you’ve been working so that you can easily generate invoices.

It’s a pain wading through piles of paperwork when you come to bill your customers – and a real waste of time.

There are a number of apps and software packages around to help you keep on top of it all.

You’ll find similar options to help you when you’re putting together quotes and to aid you in keep accurate records of expenses.

Make the most of technology to help you cutout piles of paper and set up a sensible system to help you keep on top of this side of your business during the busy months ahead.

3.Social Media

Marketing your skills will ensure you give yourself the best opportunity to maximize earnings over the coming months.

Your customers need to know you’re there.

Think about how you might promote your business locally. Social media as a great way to reach a large number of potential customers and better still, it’s free!

Use Facebook to build up a potential customer base and Twitter to network within your locality; don’t forget Instagram, the newest but fastest growing platform.

Most homeowners know that it’s good practice to get boilers and heating systems serviced annually, but it’s easy to forget such things.

Posting a reminder to you followers on Facebook could to jog their memories and be a great way to generate more business.

We’ve recently put together a business guide that gives you the low-down on social media and offers hints and tips to ensure you’re up to date with social media trends.

Click here to sign up to Logic4training’s business guides.

They offer invaluable advice on all sorts of subjects, from costing jobs to taking on new staff.


Do you have a website? If so, is it up to date?

If not, why not use a spare hour or two to set up something yourself?

It’s easier than you think and there are various providers out there offering templates that you can adapt for your own use as well as free hosting.

The trick is to keep your website content current. Write brief case studies describing how you tackled various jobs to show your customers what you’ve been up to and the quality of your work.

You could ask a few happy customers for feedback you can use on the site. Their quotes will be eye-catching to potential customers and give you a boost!

Before things get busy, make sure you’re ready to make heating season 2017 the best yet!

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